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Christian Realism and Abortion

What stance should a Christian Realist take on abortion? Most Americans on this matter are understandably polarized. A Christian must think, ideally, that we should choose life as often as possible, where the question of abortion arises. A Realist, however, knows that this will not happen. In a country with millions of adults there will continuously be millions of pregnancies which happen under more or less ideal circumstances: the will of the mother, her health, the health of fetal life, the support of her partner and her future. Am I supposed to choose for all of them? I cannot.

As one who values Christianity, one impulse tells me to value life, but another tells me not to be the one to make that choice for another mother. So, when the Supreme court decision on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturns Roe v Wade, I can only say I am less comfortable with the current constitutional law than the prior one, simply because I cannot see a one-size-fits all decision here. That is where I stand, and where I suspect millions of others do, respecting both sides, but for myself coming down for freedom of choice.

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