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Common Sense: Does it Exist?

Common Sense exists, doesn’t it? If it didn’t, we couldn’t cooperate, and have a civilization. There must be commonsense things, such as: two plus two equals four, a cube has six sides, and you must eat and drink to survive.

If common sense exists, here is a further question: why were there over 40 million deaths in World War two? It’s common sense not to kill, right? Why, did the Titanic set sail in 1912, without enough lifeboats for all on board?

It seems common sense must exist, yet we routinely fail to see it. Common sense may not be so common, and in fact rare. Or common sense really is there, but like the lapsing of tides during the day, humans inevitably part ways with it.

What is a commonsense belief? Democrats, Republicans, Atheists, Agnostics and Believers all appeal to separate ideas of it. Democrats want a more proactive government, but Republicans do not. Atheist see no proof God exists, while believers do see it. Then agnostics claim you can’t finish the argument. If we all have separate versions of common sense, does it truly exist? I think it does, but it may be deceptively easy to explain.

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