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God Truth and Lies

God is either the most important Truth of our lives or a lie we tell ourselves for comfort. God is Truth for believers. God is a Lie to atheists, and agnostics are not sure either way. But which one is it? Surely it must matter! To believe and daily struggle with the problems of life, one must find something concrete to believe in. Is that concrete reality in God? Religion? In humanity? In reason?

Our greatest hope is that God, is real. With no absolute proof for or against this, it seems safe to believe in and value religion. As I recently read Eric Metaxas, “truth inescapably matters” and “if we are only matter, nothing matters.” (Is Atheism Dead, 304, 359) This certainly seems preferable to Yuval Harari’s assertion in Homo Deus, that we are just algorithms (Homo Deus, 84). Either Metaxas or Harari is right, and religion is either a lie we believe in, or the greatest truth of our lives. But which religion, you might ask, and what is the best interpretation of it? In brief, for me Christianity has furnished the best values, but I have learned a great deal from others as well.


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