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God, Truth, Lies and Dogmas

God is the Truth, says the traditional theist; but if so, which God or religion bears this truth out? And do the rest of us believe in lies? Truth is in God, says the universalist believer, but if so, doesn’t this mean that all religions are in part lies? Because they cannot all equally be true? So, what is the truth of God, then? God is a Lie, or at least religion must be, argues the atheist. But what final proof do atheists have? Has science explained all and ruled out religion? And what of the good things in religion that hardline atheism may dismiss? Dogmas are Lies, to Agnostics. To them, hard line theism and atheism both contain something of a lie. But if so, where does the truth reside, and in what should we believe?

These are just some of the complexities I have been thinking about in God, Truth, and Lies. Practically speaking, what belief should we choose? No answer from philosophy or science can dictate this, but I believe we end up simply making a practical choice: what belief is most compelling, morally, and spiritually uplifting, and defensible? That ends up being our choice.

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