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Lost Realist Note 12/3/21

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

What is realism? Realism is that written word which may be understood and agreed with by almost anyone. It cuts past all cultural and personal biases and connects deeply with our common humanity. A note is written, then cast to the winds. Someone picks it up, agrees with it, smiles, and lets the wind take it to the next person. They also pick it up, agree with it. No matter where the wind blows, (assume it is translatable) what country it goes to, or what time it is in, the note is recognized and understood. That is a penetrating realism, which gets past the pretense of whims and biases. Hard isn’t it – to meet that test?

Realism must engage the reader, almost forgetting the author. If you agree with me, I must write as if I am in your shoes. Too often we are talked at, barraged with irrelevant commercial messages, and rarely are we talked to, or with, as meaningful subjects. Who is reading this now, I do not know. But the degree to which my writing is realistic, is the measure I have understood our common humanity. Realist religion is a faith in finding that common humanity.


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