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Spirituality and the Beach

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

The beach is a spiritual place. It is a frontier of freedom between the ocean wilds and the tamed Earth. You go the beach to relax, and tan, and unwind the burdens of the mind. Gulls sweep by gracefully through the air, or hover and a gust of wind. The ocean waves crash and recede, then raise themselves and again lazily lapse into the sea. I often think big thoughts at the beach because my mind is so free there – about God, life, and everything.

Nature could be God’s greatest Cathedral, and the beach the best carpet of the Divine. You can’t contain God in Nature, perhaps, but it sure seems if God is there, He has left an indelible fingerprint in the design of nature. I do not at all deny evolution, but I wonder at the order and grandeur of everything here. How could all this order have emerged, and from where? Why is there anything here at all to begin with, and why is it so beautiful? Perhaps beauty, and order is a sense we share with the Creator.

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