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Three Rules of Common Sense

Common sense is real, but we readily ignore it. Honestly, most of us should be happy here and now. If we are healthy, can walk; if we enjoy what we do, what else do we really need? Many of us take what we have for granted. We tend to focus on the one problem we have, ignoring the 99.9% of other things that are going well. Zeroing in on the one wrong thing, we completely ignore what is right. That may not be common sense, but humans are also problem-solvers. We focus on fixing what is wrong with life, so we can lump it in with the 99.9% which we take for granted.

What is common sense? I think it must follow three rules:

1. It must be simple.

2. It must be true.

3. It must be morally right.

If it doesn't follow these rules, is it really common sense? Common Sense is simple. We are not. As complex animals, we forget to connect with the simple moments: life in a hammock, life on the beach. Common sense vaporizes before our eyes because we almost always make life more complicated than it needs to be.

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