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Religion as an Iceberg

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Religion as Icebergs 12/27/21

Recently I have also been thinking of religion like an iceberg. You see on the surface, just a tiny fraction of the iceberg. There is much that is hidden from view beneath the water. So too, we see religions – their churches, rituals, priests and monks, temples, and traditions, but we may think of this as the tip of an iceberg: there is so much beneath the surface, unexplained, mysterious. The scope and grandeur of God must be much fuller deeper, and weightier than which we see in our observed religions.

Religions too, like icebergs, explain and are fixed on a small part of Earth’s history: the history of civilized society that has occurred in the last 5000 years. But the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and the history we know of only the tip of the great iceberg of history. How much is beneath the surface, unexplained, and misunderstood, like and iceberg? So, by perceiving religion, I think, we only capture a small and partial glimpse of a much deeper historical mystery.


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